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At Scott Fricks Automotive repair and renovation is our specialty.  Customized service is what we're all about.  It's what sets us apart from other restoration companies and it is why our clients come back time and again.  Our standards are high, our services are aligned to your needs and your vehicle's best interest.  Below are a few of our offerings.  If you don't see what you need, don't click delete.  Give us a call at
                                                (520) 798-3834
Be assured, we can provide what you need for your classic or specialty vehicle.

You may have a vehicle in your possession that you know has value beyond the standard Blue Book, but you don't know how to assess it, how to value those extras that were put into the car so many years ago, or maybe even what devalues the car.  We know vintage.  We'll give you an honest estimate of what your car is worth on the market today.
Do you have a Bentley or Jaguar, a Mercedes or Cadillac that you would like to bring back to its original glory?  Scott Fricks Automotive would be honored to take your vehicle down to the bones and bring it to life again.  We will confer with you about original interiors, dash materials, and paint colors used in your vintage year.
We do pre- and post-purchase inspections, pre-trip and pre-show inspections.  We do cost evaluations for you or your attorney and insurance company.  We can also work with you as a professional expert and give testimony, be it in a court of law or in a legal document.
No car is maintenance free.  When the inevitable breakdown or wearout comes knocking at your car's door, Scott Fricks Automotive is there to help.  In most cases we can quickly access the problem and have you back on the road in record time.




You can't stop science from developing bigger and better ways of handling a car.  Every day there is a new gadget, an inventive attachment, that will make your car run smoother, handle with more precision, adding a finer humanness.  Scott Fricks Automotive can take those additions and shape them so that, no matter what make and model you drive, the newest attachments will look like they were put on at the factory.  Your car will maintain the look for which it was born, but will respond like tomorrow's inspiration.
Some of us can't quite afford a classic car investment.  What with all of the demands on our financial resources and the requirements to maintain a vintage automobile, it just isn't possible to have that '57 Chevy sitting in our garage.  But we might be able to bank a little cash in a vintage motorcycle and get the joy of riding it to boot!  At Scott Fricks Automotive we are skilled craftsmen with old cycles of all types and brands.  We can help you find the missing pieces and put it all back together again, street ready.

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